Tension Leveling Line

Tension Leveling Line

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A combination of tension rolls and straightening units in various specifications can be used to straighten the strip with different materials and specifications. To eliminate the wave of plate and strip (bilateral wave, single side wave, intermediate wave, two rib wave), warping side bend and ladle curve, straight plate and strip are obtained. It can be used for finishing and straightening of decorative plate, carriage board, can cover material and ring material.

Modular design is used, and the combination of different modules can cover all kinds of use requirements. The main functions of the unit are as follows:

The strip is straightened and straightened.

Strip cleaning: two forms of physical cleaning and alkali washing;

Cutting edge: two forms of disc shears and disc knives;

The tail is sutured with the tail.

The inner lining of the line is carried out at the same time with the cutting of the scrap head.

Plate surface testing.

Advanced technology of the unit:

The tension roll group (which has been applied for patent) can be quickly replaced by the roller.

Auxiliary tape device;

Multi function high pressure cleaning machine (which has been applied for patent);

All closed and easy to maintain roller device;

A plate face drying device with high and low pressure wind blades.

With an independent tension mathematical model, it has two modes of extensibility control and tension control and can be switched on line smoothly.

Equipment work scene picture: